Canine Companion LA provides dog walking, hiking, cat visits, and pet sitting services in Sherman Oaks,
Valley Glen, Valley Village, and parts of North Hollywood, Studio City, Van Nuys, and Encino.

Please contact us to see if we can meet your needs if your area isn’t listed.

Our roster of independent pet care professionals offer safe and high quality care for your 4 legged family members

Canine Companion LA puts safety first in meeting the unique needs of your pets and your family. Our network of highly skilled and independent professional walkers and pet sitters have years of experience in working with dogs, and employ honesty and integrity in all that they do. They take great pride in providing the highest quality care and services that enable you and your pets to thrive.

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Dog Walking


Are you tired of dealing with a barky dog or a destructive pooch who digs up your backyard? Does your dog struggle with weight gain? Our daily dog walking services offer a solution to these problems and more.



Unlike traditional group dog walking where one handler is responsible for multiple dogs, our pack hikes consist of several handlers, each of whom hike with just one or two dogs at a time. This personalized approach allows your dog to receive individualized attention and safely interact with the pack, rather than being immediately placed in a potentially overwhelming situation with unfamiliar dogs.

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We offer in-home pet sitting services to ensure that all of your furry, feathered, or scaled friends receive the love and attention they need while you are away. Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, or any other type of pet, we are here to provide personalized care and ensure that all of your pets are well taken care of.

Cat Sitting


Our cat sitting services offer a wide range of care for your feline friends, including but not limited to: feeding, refreshing water bowls, cleaning litter boxes, playtime, socialization, and mail retrieval. Our sitters are dedicated to providing individualized attention to each of our feline clients. Contact us for all of your cat care needs!

Google Reviews

Canine Companions LA is awesome! I have used their dog walking, pet sitting, and pack hike services. All are amazing. If you have only one dog, you know how important socialization is and the pack hikes are the perfect setting for that. It’s even a place for romance as my dog apparently has a girlfriend now! Additionally, because I have a treadmill, they trained my dog to the treadmill! So on hot days or rainy days, I put him on the treadmill and we are good to go!!!

Julie W
If I could give Canine Companions more than five stars, I would. Their team has been walking one of our dogs for since he was a puppy. They helped keep him socialized during the pandemic when we were the only people he saw! Now that we are slowly going back to traveling, the Canine Companions team has been housesitting/dog sitting for us. Our dogs are not high maintenance, but they are quirky. The team came to the house before our trip to meet the dogs and learn their routines. We felt so comfortable knowing that Marie, Senika and Virginia were there for walks or overnights. We were really able to relax and enjoy our vacation knowing that the pups were so well taken care of. We are so happy we found Linda and her crew!

Yelp Reviews

Canine Companion, LA
Based on 58 Reviews
lauren n.
lauren n.
2023-01-16 11:43:08
I've never used a pet care service of any kind before. I've heard horror stories. I was going away for nine days and then for four more and I'm leaving my...
Brittany E.
Brittany E.
2022-12-23 22:21:07
I've used Canine Companion services for two of my dogs and have been so happy with everything. Communication is great and I love the ease of the app they...
Carol K.
Carol K.
2022-08-20 09:01:30
I have been a client of Canine Companion LA for over 6 years. It is so reassuring to know that when I need to travel out of town my cat is cared for. I...
Tom M.
Tom M.
2022-08-15 15:10:18
Linda and team are amazing. I always feel the dogs are in good hands and I love the regular updates and pictures! If you ever have Senika take care of your...
Ross H.
Ross H.
2021-09-10 12:23:29
I had to check in with a happy review today! Jason is IN LOVE with Senika. Thank you so much for the services you provide each week.Jason really does...
Amy S.
Amy S.
2021-07-08 19:20:55
I cannot recommend Canine Companion enough! We started using Canine Companion to walk our Bernese Mountain Dog in March 2021 a month before the birth of...
Maya S.
Maya S.
2021-04-08 17:02:02
I needed someone to spend some time playing and checking in with my puppy while I was going to be on vacation for a week. It was a last-minute trip, and I...