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About Canine Companion LA

Our mission is to be a leader in personalized pet care by developing family bonds with our
customers and their pets through individualized, loving, compassionate and knowledgeable pet care.

Our Core Values

At Canine Companion LA, our network of highly skilled professional dog walkers and pet sitters provide a safe, high quality, tailored experience for each of your four-legged family members. Weekly routines allow them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine through exercise, socialization hikes and play. Our pet care professionals partner with you to provide your pets with a well rounded, healthy, California lifestyle experience.

We understand that each pet and family has unique needs. We want your pet(s) to thrive. And if you need to go on a trip, we want to you to have peace of mind knowing that our pet sitters will love and care for your pets in the comfort of their own homes.

All pets are welcome for services, whether they are socially at ease, shy or if they have fears of other dogs, people or situations. For our own safety, we do not take pets who are aggressive towards people.

  • Safety first for the animals
  • Strive to meet the unique needs of each pet owner
  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do

About Linda Grunfeld

linda Grunfeld pet sitter in Sherman Oaks

Canine Companion LA was founded in 2011 by Linda Grunfeld, who left the corporate world after graduating from the University of Maryland, to focus on her passion of helping and working with animals. Linda has owned and cared for cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, mice and fish her entire life. As a young girl, she often brought home stray dogs and cats. In 2002 she and her dog Moto packed it up and drove across country to settle in California.

Her career shift began when she adopted a dog from the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. Her love for animals led her to look for a harder-to-adopt dog in 2007. Linda searched Petfinder for months for a black lab mix before finding one that had been in the shelter for a long time. Lilo soon taught her about his special fears, which helped develop her understanding and skills for working with challenging dogs. These skills soon led to her involvement in fostering dogs for several local rescues in 2008. To date she has fostered and worked with more than 40 dogs that have all been permanently adopted.

Linda’s experience has earned her the respect as a member of Los Angeles area network of dog rescuers and trainers. Her devotion continues to assure that animals receive humane and compassionate treatment. She is a proven pack-leader who provides canine companions with the love & attention they need to interact comfortably with their human and other canine friends.

Canine Companion LA has organically expanded via word of mouth. Her clients tell their friends, hairdressers, co-workers, neighbors and relatives how their pets LOVE their time with the Canine Companion crew. Our network of highly skilled independent dog walkers and pet sitters are honest, trustworthy, reliable, discreet, compassionate, and spend quality time with each and every animal. Clients rest assured that their pets’ needs – however special – are always met. They feel confident their pets get the same love they would give them. The pictures and notes sent keep owners connected, but a wagging tail and a smiling face tell the story!