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Cat Sitting Services

Don’t let the name “Canine Companion” fool you, we love cats too!

Benefits of Cat Sitting

Most cats do not thrive in a kennel type environment but rather prefer the peace, quiet and routine of staying in their comfort zone at home. Each cat is incredibly special and unique; some are shy, some are playful, and some need a little extra tlc while their parents are away. Here at Canine Companion, we understand each cat has individual needs and we are happy to provide the highest level of care that will bring you peace of mind while you’re away. Whether your cat is young or old, shy or social, playful or cuddly, Canine Companion is your cat’s purrfect companion!

What We Offer

Cat care…and more!
At each cat sitting visit, our sitters provide personalized care that includes but is not limited to: feeding, refreshing water bowls, cleaning litter boxes, playtime, socialization, mail retrieval and more. Our network of professional sitters are highly experienced and are able to dispense medication for an additional fee.

  • Schedule
    Though we require a minimum of one visit per day, most of our kitty friends enjoy seeing us for both breakfast and dinner. We aim to mimic a feeding schedule similar to your everyday routine so that your furry friends are left happy and satisfied. We ask for a minimum of a two-hour timeframe in which you’d like your cat to be visited and pampered.
  • Updates
    We use a state of the art mobile app that allows the sitters to send visit reports and photos after every visit. This ensures we are in communication with each pet parent about all of their cat’s fun adventures!

Got Questions? We’ve got answers…

Not to worry. Our sitters understand that socialization is a spectrum; some cats are super social and some take a while to warm up. We will give your cat space (if needed), or give pets and playtime the entire visit…whichever they prefer!

Yes! Our sitters are experienced with dispensing medication. Not all sitters have experience giving injections and/or IV fluids.  An in home demonstration may be required at the meet and greet.

Yes! We want every client to meet the primary cat sitter before visits begin. We make every effort to maintain consistency, but we cannot guarantee your cat will be visited by the same person every time. We make it a priority for substitute sitters to meet your cat with a regular sitter to understand what is involved with your cat’s routine.

We have a 24-business hour cancellation policy; if you notify us in less than 24 business hours that a sit needs to be cancelled, it’s charged at full price. If you cancel more than 24 business hours before service, we will credit the entire amount. Credits are applied on the next invoice. Note: our business hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM.