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Contract Opportunities

We are always looking to add top notch pet professionals to our roster of highly qualified pet sitters.
Please complete the following, attach your resumé, and we will get back to you if we feel you if we feel it is a good fit.

Thank you for your interest in contracting with Canine Companion, LLC.

Canine Companion LA is a referral agency in the business of providing clients with highly skilled pet service contractors to provide dog walking, dog hiking, pet visits, and overnight pet sitting services.

Independent professional pet care providers possess a deep love and understanding of animals, primarily dogs and cats. They also are able to self-manage, communicate effectively, and be comfortable walking and driving in inclement weather.

If you are interested in overnight sitting, please be sure to include at least two names and numbers of pet owners who you have cared for their pets overnight.

Our contracts are for a one- year term. This does not mean that you must agree to every gig we offer, but it does mean that you are willing to contract with Canine Companion LA for at least one year.

You will be classified as an Independent Contractor of Canine Companion LA. Therefore, we will not withhold taxes from your check, but will supply a Form 1099 at the end of the year (providing you earn more than $600 in one year). Therefore, you will be responsible for all federal, state, and/or local taxes, and will not be eligible for unemployment, workers compensation, or any other employment benefits.


    per week
    per week

    Please check the days of the week and add in the hours you are available to provide pet care services
    (you are free to accept or decline any gig with notice to the Company). Thank you!

    I already know I am not available to pet-sit or dog walk during the dates listed below:
    Areas I would consider for pet care services on the days I have indicated above:

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