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Dogs on a hike

Pack Hikes

A tired dog is a happy dog! It’s good for everyone when your dog gets a regular hiking workout.

The benefits of hikes for your dog

Safe, personalized service. Pack hike services offer a much more personalized approach with safety as the number-one concern. Instead of one handler for multiple dogs, pack hikes consist of several handlers, each of which hike just one or two dogs at a time. This ensures that your dog(s) will get personalised attention and have the opportunity to safely meet and walk with the pack, rather than being immediately thrown in the mix with other dogs they’ve never met before.

Supplies. Hikers bring water, portable bowls, and towels for the dogs. 

Updates. If you desire, hikers will send updates to you with photos from the hike.

What We Offer

Some dogs have so much energy, curiosity or anxiety that they need more than just a daily walk – that’s where group hikes come in. The benefits of these dog hikes include:

  • Vigorous exercise. Hikes are more vigorous than neighborhood walks – they offer a great cardiovascular workout – so your dog will come home tired and relaxed.
  • A healthy way to combat stress. Stimulating new sights and smells to check out, along with fresh air!
  • The chance to learn how to socialize with other dogs in the pack. A group hike can include anywhere from 3-15 dogs  (private hikes can be arranged too). It can be fun for your dog to hang out with different kinds of dogs and hikers and learn to walk peacefully in a pack.
  • The chance for the hikers to learn more about your dogs. When a dog develops a bond with their hiker and the hiker learns more about the dogs personality and behaviour, it maximizes their outdoor experiences.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers…

There are multiple hikers on the hikes so that if distance is needed between any two dogs, that happens easily. Once the dogs get hiking and moving, they generally learn how to walk together as a good pack.

Rattlesnakes are common in many parks and trails in Los Angeles. Hikers do their best to steer clear of them. We recommend discussing the rattlesnake vaccine with your vet, although it’s not required. You might also want to check out rattlesnake aversion classes available in the area, to train dogs to recognize these snakes and stay away from them.

Hikers usually ask other dog owners to call their dogs back so they can keep the pack moving forward on the hikes. Typically, other dog owners are understanding and willing to comply.

If any dog shows signs of having trouble with the heat, hikers can turn around and return. Ideally, hikers will learn from each pet owner what each dog can handle. Hikers also can take breaks in the shade and provide extra water breaks.

Hikes will go on rain or shine! Hikers can also bring towels to dry off your dog(s) before they go home but we suggest you leave towels out as well.

This depends on the hiker’s comfort level with each dog and the recall skills of the dogs. Hikers do hike at both leashed and off-leash trails, and by law off-leash hiking is allowed only if the handler has 100 percent control of the dogs at all times – therefore the hiker must be confident that the dog knows recall commands before they’re ever taken off leash.