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Pet Sitting

The benefits of pet sitting –
for your pets and your peace of mind

  • Your pets get to stay in the comfort of their own homes. A lot of people don’t want to send their pet to a kennel during a vacation, where animals can experience anxiety. Others are also uncomfortable leaving their home empty while they’re away.
  • Your pets will be cared for by experienced, caring sitters who will spend significant time with them. Our network of professional pet sitters spend quality time with your pets in your house.  Pet sitters can spend the night with your pet(s) and/or schedule visits during the day while you’re away.

Pet Sitting Services

Care for your dog, cat, rabbit, fish, or other pets. While you’re away from home, one of our pet sitters can stay at the house or make frequent visits to properly care for all your pets and give them plenty of love and attention.

Keeping up daily routines. Sitters can walk, feed, give medications, play with, and care for your pets in the same daily routine that they are used to, giving them lots of love and attention. While there, sitters can also bring in your mail, open and close curtains, take out the trash and return the empty cans to their usual spots. They can turn lights and sprinklers on and off, and water indoor plants.

Frequent visits. While you’re away, we can have a pet sitter come to your home for visits that last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour. For the sake of continuity, we try to match your pet’s established schedule for food and walks; just tell us your pet sitting preferences.

Overnights. We offer two options; a 12 hour overnight, typically 7pm to 7am, and a 14 hour overnight, typically 6pm to 8am.  Each option allows time for evening and morning potty breaks, feeding, and plenty of time for play and snuggles. Midday visits can be scheduled as well.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers…

How many visits do you think most pets need?

For visits only, cats should be visited at least once a day, and dogs should be visited at least three times a day for 30 minutes each or twice a day for an hour each visit.

When do I get to meet my pet sitter?

We will arrange a meeting to introduce you to your pet sitter before your trip, and work with you to create your client profile, which will contain information such as your contact information, emergency contact information, your veterinarian’s contact info, and the specific care that your pets need.

I travel a lot – can I request that the same sitter always come to care for my pets?

We will make every effort for that to happen – the more advance notice you can provide, the more likely we can accommodate your wishes.

Can the pet-sitter feed my fish, too?

Yes, we can care for all your pets, including fish, when you’re away, as long as you give us specific instructions for each pet.

Canine Companion LA provides dog walking, dog hiking, pet visits, and cat visits in the following San Fernando Valley areas: Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino, Valley Village, Valley Glen, Lake Balboa, North Hollywood and parts of Van Nuys, We are expanding, so contact us at 818-667-DOGS to see if we can meet your needs if your area is not listed!

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