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leo cat

“I have been a client of Canine Companion LA for over 6 years. It is so reassuring to know that when I need to travel out of town my cat is cared for. I used to rely on friends and family who would forgot to come or do the bear minimum. I am so thankful that I found Canine Companion LA! My pet sitters spend quality time with my fluff ball Leo and make sure all of his needs are taken care of. Leo absolutely loves his pet sitters and regularly rewards them with kisses! It is also nice to have someone checking on my house (bringing in mail and trash barrels). After each visit I receive a personalized update message and picture which really gives me peace of mind. I find that I look forward to receiving my daily update when I’m away. I can’t recommend this company enough! Don’t leave your kitty alone for days unattended. They really need daily interaction. The Canine Companion LA team will treat them like family!”
Carol and Leo K.

dog clyde

“When we moved to Sherman Oaks with our dog Clyde, we went through multiple dog walkers and nearly gave up on finding the right fit for us. And then we met Linda. She and all of her dog walkers are not only reliable, responsible and good people, they treat our dog the way we treat our dog. It makes us so happy to know Clyde is in such good hands. He has made great friends and so have we! And to top it all off, Canine Companion watched Clyde when we travel, which he loves and is so convenient for us. We are very grateful to have found Canine Companion and Linda!”
Megan, Dave and Clyde I.

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“I am so thankful for Canine Companion. They know bully breeds and have been helpful in working my dogs through some issues. I love their extra services, such as the weekly poop pick up as well. It is great to know my pets are in capable hands.”
Cate, Rosie, Ray, and Tully B.

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“After adopting a 7-year-old pit/mastiff mix diagnosed as a ‘special needs’ dog (i.e. he is on multiple medications for a number of physical and mental health issues, has severe allergies and even had to wear shoes for a while), I was terrified about the idea of leaving Mac for even one night. In anticipation of an upcoming holiday vacation, I spent three months researching various dog-sitting/boarding options. After our initial meeting/interview, I was certain that Canine Companion was the best choice.Perhaps the best part about Canine Companion is the personal care and individual attention given to both my dog and myself. I was certain that Mac would be in great hands as I left him for the first time since adopting him. Though I was worried about how he’d handle the separation, I at least could rest knowing that any medical issues that might come up would be handled in as good of a way, if not better, than I would have myself. And on my vacation I knew that at any point, I could check in on how Mac was doing (or simply ask for a photo because I missed the guy so much!) and I would get a prompt response. The personal contact I get through CC – funny anecdotes, pictures, and even video if I asked for it! It really makes the difference. Now I know when I am leaving town that even though he’ll miss me, Mac has something to look forward to with CC!”
Kate and Mac B.

small dog

Linda and Mimi from Canine Companion are like family. They take great care of my dog, and always text me with news and often a photo after his walks. If I can’t be there with him myself, this is the next best thing. It’s also really helpful to me to know if my dog has a problem early in the day so I can deal with it while my vet’s still in the office. Mostly, though, it’s for the dog. He loves to walk and I love knowing he’s out sniffing and socializing while I’m working!”
Maria and Yogi N.

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“My dog Buja knows which exit we take from the freeway when we’re going to Canine Companion, and her excitement is obvious! Buja tends to be fearful when meeting new people, so it was important to me to find someone who would be able to win her trust. I also needed someone I could trust to handle Buja around new people. Linda suggested that we meet near my apartment to introduce Buja before her first stay, and Buja took to her immediately. It’s a relief to know that she is safe and happy in Linda’s capable hands. I would recommend Linda to anyone, but especially for people with fearful dogs, she’s a godsend.”
Amanda and Buja W.

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“You cannot ask for a better ‘canine companion’ than Linda. She is caring, compassionate, and concerned, and very educated about dogs. She is responsible, reliable, and trustworthy. My dogs Ruby and Lincoln are the absolute lights of my life and I have total faith in Linda. In all of their 11 years I have never felt this comfortable with anyone. The day Linda came into our lives is a blessing for all of us.”
Julie, Lincoln, and Ruby J.

2 black dogs

“Our dogs, Tucker & Sasha, are our first children. Their happiness and safety is very important to us. It took us a year after we moved to California to find someone that we trusted to take care of them. That someone is Linda and her staff at Canine Companion. Best of all, she offers hikes. Tucker and Sasha are always excited to arrive at Canine Companion and they come home exhausted from their hikes (which has been especially nice with our family’s recent new human addition!). Linda and her team take them places that we don’t take them – new things for them to smell and see – and she is careful to have the right number of people and the right staff go on the hike, always taking into account how many dogs are hiking and their personalities. She also makes sure that the dogs are all comfortable on the car rides to and from the hikes – even if it means taking several vehicles. When other people take care of Tucker and Sasha, I worry, especially because Sasha isn’t comfortable around very many other people or dogs. When the Canine Companion team take care of Tucker and Sasha, I know they are in the best hands. We are so grateful for Canine Companion.”
Abby, Tucker, and Sasha V.

cute dog dudley

“I love Canine Companion! They’ve been walking my dog since I first got him a couple years ago and I trust them to take good care of him while I’m not there. Linda and her team are great – from the text updates and pictures after each walk to being flexible with my schedule and booking last-minute walks, I don’t know what I would do without them! Canine Companion is the best!”
Jill and Dudley B.

2 dogs ripley

“I only trust Canine Companion with my two dogs, Rocky and Ripley. My dogs are a part of my family so making sure they get out and get love and attention while I’m at work is very important to me. Over the years I’ve also gotten lots of tips to give my dogs a better life; food, treat, and toy recommendations, training tips, and referrals for trainers and great places to get toys and goodies for my dogs too!”
Scott, Rocky, and Ripley C.

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“My dog Ryzhka is very high energy and somewhat unpredictable. She is especially high strung around other dogs. Linda and her team have taken care of her many times, both on walks and overnights. My dog loves them and I know she is in capable and safe hands at Canine Companion. It is heartwarming to see the photos they send showing my crazy dog calmly hanging out with other dogs! Knowing how much exercise she needs, I also appreciate that they have her walk the treadmill!”
Elke and Ryzhka H.

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My dog Scooby can’t get out of the car fast enough when I take him to Canine Companion. He adores Linda and she has such a way with dogs. And he has so much fun with his doggy friends (or Linda’s pack). Whether he’s going on a hike or a play date, I rest easy knowing that my baby is having the time of his life when I he’s with Linda. She LOVES dogs and they love her, and it shows in their smiles! Nothing greater than a doggy smile, and your dog will be smiling with Canine Companion.”
Shannon and Scooby K.

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“Linda is amazing with both people and animals. Her calm and focused energy as well as her understanding of canines help dogs thrive in her care. My dog went through terrible trauma due to a bad adoption. He was returned in a terrible and anxious psychological state. As a result of Linda’s love, discipline and understanding he quickly became the dog I had originally helped rescue and once again became the perfect dog. He thrived under Linda’s care. I have total peace of mind when I leave my dog with her, knowing he will be well cared for and his needs understood and met.”
Alexandra and Elmer F.

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“When you are a pet owner, going away can be very stressful. In the past, I have asked friends to cat-sit, unsure of having someone I don’t know being in my home with my cats. But, when I went out of town for the 4th of July I decided to use a pet sitter. A friend recommended Linda to me, and I am so grateful!! She came over to meet the clan and run through everything prior to my departure. It was great to see how she interacted with my cats, and vice versa. She took notes, and asked questions. My cat with anxiety issues who requires a special approach did not faze her. I loved that she wanted to know exactly how I wanted everyone cared for. While I was gone, I got updates with photos every day. I was actually able to enjoy my trip knowing that she would keep me posted and I didn’t have to follow up myself. When I came home, my apartment was exactly as I left it (which is a miracle with my 3 cats). I swear, they even seemed almost disappointed that it was me instead of Linda walking through the door. I feel much more comfortable about planning a longer trip next time! My cats and I highly recommend Linda – she is the best! You will learn to love vacations again!”
Allison, London, Paris, and Stella P.

3 dogs

“Hands down, the best pet sitting experience my dogs and I have ever had. I have the upmost confidence in their well being whenever I need to have Canine Companion do overnight stays while I’m on a trip or just daily potty breaks while I’m at work. The team at Canine Companion follows all my care instructions for my dogs and sends text messages with photos each time. The fact that there are wagging tails and smiling faces whenever Linda and her staff care them for, says it all!”
Maria, Piper, Jake, and Keegan M.

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“I met Canine Companion through a good friend of mine, after experiencing a very stressful and frustrating move from NYC to Los Angeles. I needed to find a dog walker and someone to watch my beloved dog, Colby. Instantly, I found a bond with Linda, and certainly, Colby adores her. Canine Companion is reliable, trusted and most of all, takes great responsibility to ensure Colby is well-treated, happy and loved while in their care. Not only that, but they post really fun photos of Colby during his stays. I highly recommend Canine Companion!!” Craig and Colby C.